Volunteers are welcomed all year round!  It’s easy to join, simply email volunteer@tbrdl.com and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18+.

When can I join?

Volunteers are welcome anytime!  Our greatest need for volunteers is during our home team championships typically between March to September.

What the process for becoming a volunteer?

Send an email to volunteer@tbrdl.com with your contact information and let us know if there anything specific you would like to do as a volunteer.

Do I need special equipment?

As a volunteer, you will not be in skates and do not need any special equipment.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers may assist with any of the following

  • track setup/tear down
  • tickets/front door
  • merchandise
  • assisting as Non-Skating Officials (Penalty Tracker, Scorekeeper, Line-Up Tracker, etc)